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Over ten years ago I was approached by a tool salesman who told me that I should start offering a chiseled edge on my granite countertops because there was big money in it.  Knowing that I am a bit of an inventor he challenged me to come up with a way to get it done that would be easier than a hammer and chisel.  Shortly after that I got a huge 6cm chiseled job that I had to do with a hammer and chisel.  After a bruised left hand and a do-over on a big island my mind went to work.

I designed, built, and got a patent pending, on a device I called the Chiselmaster.  It was similar to the Beaver chisel machine except it was heavier.  It did an okay job and I even sold a couple without really trying, but it wasn’t what I wanted.  I then built, out of leftovers from some other projects, a device similar to what you see in the video.  I have used that machine for nearly eight years now and know it is far superior to anything on the market today.

The Outlaw Chisel Machine is the updated and greatly improved version of that old machine that has served me so well.  We listen to customer feedback and continue to improve the machine.

Here are a few of the features that make it work well, and far superior to anything else I have seen:

  • The machine does not sit on the stone, so it can’t scratch the polished surface.

  • It rolls easily on the floor so you don’t have to lift the machine to the edge of the stone.

  • It easily adjusts to any table height from 42" to 50+" (not really sure how high it will go)

  • It has four presets for stone thickness (3cm, 4cm, 6cm, 9cm) to make the cycle times faster.

  • Solid tungsten carbide blades.  The ones on my machine have lasted over 8 years.

  • A tray to catch the chips and keep the floor clear.

  • Up to 40,000 pound of pressure make it by far the most powerful on the market

  • One button operation and simple positioning make the process fast.

  • Rubberized stops in front of the chisels (top and bottom) to avoid scratches.

  • Can be used without a straightedge clamped to the stone because the machine is easy to place in position to a line, and then just push a button.

  • Can make very straight edges or more rough by spacing the cuts differently.

  • The body of the machine allows it to go into a 90 degree inside corner.

  • The frame of the machine is strong.  Really, really strong.  Welded ¼" wall tubing (where the hydraulic ram and chisels are mounted) which is reinforced at all stress points.  This frame does not flex when under pressure.

  • The patent pending design uses off-the-shelf pneumatic and hydraulic parts (slightly modified) which could be replaced by the customer for under $200.

  • Because of this design philosophy I can offer this substantial, vastly superior machine at a competitive price.

  • We can customize some aspects of the machine to fit your specific needs.

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