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Pro Bid is an iOS app designed for stone fabrication professionals.

It is designed specifically for the iPhone but will run on iPad as well.

Using the app for the first time:

You must enter your business information and default options completely before the app will function properly.

Most of the default options can be modified as you enter bid details.  The fabrication labor rate and waste factor are not editable in other screens.  These are the basis of the caculations performed to bid the job.  

Fabrication Labor Rate is based on square footage.  Options such as edge costs, sink labor can be added in other screens.

Waste Factor is the percentage of stone that is lost in the fabrication process.  If you figure a waste factor of 30%, you should enter 0.30 in the waste factor field.  

Here is an example of the way it is used in the calculations.  Let's say that you enter a stone cost for Group 1 material as 10.00 and your waste factor is 30% (or 0.30).  The app takes the $10.00 cost and multiplies it by 1.30, then multiplies that by the square footage of the job.

(10 x 1.3) = 13 x total sq. ft. of job. = Total Price of Square Footage Fabricated

The Discount Rate is used to calculate discounts from you base rate or add to it.

For example; if you enter 10 in the discount rate field it will subtract 10% from the bid.  If you have a super demanding client that requires extra work, enter -10 in the discount field on the Countertop Info Screen, later in the bid process, and a 10% surcharge will be calculated.

Basic information on how to use the Calculator Screen or (Enter Measurement Screen) is in the Help Screen built into the app.  The procedure described there should be followed to allow the calculator to figure things correctly.

For example; When you measure the cabinets in a room or bid from plans, start with the first cabinet and go from left to right along a wall at a time (if you measure each cabinet at a time, you can re-create the layout and know where appliances and sink cabinets, etc. are).  Be sure to tap EXE after each measurment entered. If there is a corner cabinet such as a lazy susan or 90 degree corner, choose Angled Corner or 90 Degree Corner on the picker.  Doing this will figure the correct splash and edge lengths to use in the calculations.  Wall adds an end splash and Finished End adds a 1" overhang and the edge length measurement.  Don't forget to add them especially on Islands and Bars.

To enter custom countertop depths,
1. tap the Depth button
2. tap the C button to clear the pre-set measurement
3. then enter the desired depth measurement
4. then tap the Width button and enter the width measurement
5. tap EXE

Note: When entering the same number twice (ie 33) be sure the second tap enters a number on the screen.  For some reason there is a lag when entering those number.

If you make a mistake tap the Measurements button,  delete the incorrect measurement (by swiping to the left and tapping Delete) then go back and re-enter the correct numbers.

You will notice on the Measurement screen that the measurements are numbered in the order you entered them.  If you delete a measurement other than the last on the list, you should enter the number you deleted in the Cab# field in the upper left corner of the Calculator (Enter Measurement Screen), then re-enter the correct measurement. This will help if you need to re-create the layout.

When you see a symbol of a circle with an "i" in it on a list, you can tap it and be taken to a screen with a summary of the job or a screen where you can edit the information for each room.  To exit those screens, swipe from left to right.

More information to come.  (please ignore misspellings)

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